Denny Hamlin: Under Attack From All Sides

Denny Hamlin has been absolutely torn apart by fans all across the sport this past week. Between his comment that 70% of drivers take Adderall, his feud with Bubba, and his conflict with Chase Elliott last fall. Hamlin has been ripped on not just by fans, but also by other drivers.

Last year, at Martinsville in the fall, Hamlin bumped Elliott, spinning him out and sending him into the outside wall with only two laps to go. He hurt his reputation further when he started a massive wreck as the field crossed the finish line, tearing up a number of cars which would should have come home clean. The drivers involved weren’t at all happy. Heck, a fan even tried to fight Hamlin post-race. 

In the week leading up to the Daytona 500, Hamlin once again angered fans and drivers when he made the comment that 70% of drivers take Adderall to help them focus on the Pardon My Take podcast. Hamlin would retract his statement, saying that he was joking, and that his comment wasn’t backed by facts, but Kevin Harvick, for one, wasn’t at all happy. According to Harvick, the comment “offended most everybody in the garage.”

Bubba Wallace threw a jab at Hamlin after the two had contact on the final lap of the Daytona 500, saying that Hamlin “might need some Adderall after that one.” Wallace’s comment had Hamlin upset, and the two had a confrontation later that night.

As if angering your fellow drivers several times and feuding with two of the most popular young drivers in the sport wasn’t enough, Hamlin called fans “idiots,” and one a “moron.”

He’s not exactly making friends, but that may not be a bad thing. The sport needs someone to wear the black hat, especially against the new generation of drivers. While Hamlin’s behavior isn’t anywhere close to acceptable, it certainly has made the sport interesting.

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